Welcoming Committee

The goal of this ministry is to assist all persons interested in becoming members of St. Gerard's and to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend our parish.

Camera  A Ministry "snapshot": The Welcoming Committee

Meeting Details: The Welcoming Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at St. Gerard in the Fireside Room, 6:00-7:00 pm.
Ministry Description: The goal of this ministry is to assist all persons interested in becoming members of St. Gerard's and to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend our parish. This includes creatively developing new ways to: provide a welcoming environment; welcome visitors and new members; assist in the process of registration; and transition new members into parish life.
Contact Person: Colette O'Brien, coletteo@st-gerard.org or 763-424-8770
A typical day in this ministry: Committee members can sign up to give a visitor tour or attend a new member potluck. Visitor tours are offered one weekend a month after all three masses. New member potlucks are held three times a year, after the 10:30 am mass. Members can volunteer to staff the welcome/information desk in the gathering space before/after mass. At committee meetings we look into new and creative ways to invite and welcome guests, visitors, and new members; help match the interests of new members with ministries within the parish; look for new ways to utilize technology to reach the community and invite new people. We welcome all volunteers who desire to help keep St. Gerard a vibrant and welcoming parish for all who step through its' doors!
Is there more than one way to volunteer?
  1. Become a Welcoming Committee member! All are welcome!
  2. Volunteer at the welcome/information desk before/after a mass.
  3. Volunteer at a new member potluck event after a 10:30 mass.
  4. Volunteer to give a quick 10 minute visitor tour after a weekend masses. (Tours are usually the third weekend of the month.)
  5. Become a "Sponsor" to a new member/family! A “sponsor” contacts a new member/family 3 times a year and meets with them once for hospitality after mass.

The following apply to this ministry:

  • Family Friendly
  • Weekend Opportunities
  • Weeknight Opportunities
  • Flexible Schedule