Finance Council

Finance Council

Fr. Jim Devorak, Parochial Administrator

Brian Harrer, Chair

Mike Brenteson

Steve Robinson, Trustee

Lynn Leonard, Trustee

Barbara Staats, Business Administrator

Camera  A Ministry "snapshot": Finance Council

Meeting Details:

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at St. Gerards. The meeting lasts 1 hour.

Ministry Description: The Financial Council is responsible for being stewards of the churches capital, which includes monitoring the monthly contributions and operating expenses and maintaining a balanced budget. This effort also includes providing regular transparency with regards to the Parish’s operating performance and financial initiatives.
Contact Person:  Brian Harrer, 612-270-4549
A typical day in this ministry:

Review the monthly financials of the parish. Identify areas of capital needs. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget. Participate in a few volunteer events throughout the year.

The following apply to this ministry:

  • Weeknight Opportunities
Time Committment: 1-2 hrs per month