Shared Ministry

What is Shared Ministry?

Shared Ministry is about recognizing that we all are ministers in the Church and we all have unique gifts to offer. Our task is to acknowledge and cultivate these gifts in order to deepen our discipleship and to better minister as a parish community.

What Shared Ministry Encompasses...

Likely, we think first of ministry program areas such as faith formation, pastoral care, liturgy, and outreach. But shared ministry encompasses more than formal and traditional program areas. For example, the everyday neighborliness, person-to-person caring, and helping that is characteristic of people in small, rural congregations is also a form of shared ministry. Members simply see a need and respond with transportation, meals, visits to the hospitalized, or phone calls.


This text, with a minimum of change has been borrowed from Sharing the Ministry: A Practical Guide for Transforming Volunteers into Ministers by Jean Morris Trumbauer, 1995.