Ministers of the Word

Adult Ministers of the Word call the assembly to worship, proclaim the scripture readings and lead the Prayers of the Faithful. People who have reverence for the Word, excellent readings skills, and are comfortable in front of large groups are invited to join this ministry. Teams are scheduled once per month and are asked to volunteer for Holy Days and holidays when possible.

Youth Ministers of the Word are individuals with excellent reading skills who are in the fourth grade and older and who are comfortable in front of large groups. Our Youth Ministers of the Word train under the leadership of an Adult Mentor in the ministry. Training is set up as needed. Once training has begun, Youth Ministers gradually work toward mastering the various opportunities for reading within the liturgy (i.e. Call to Worship, First and Second Readings, and the Prayer of the Faithful.) Youth Ministers of the Word are integrated into the ministry as soon as possible and their reading opportunities are reflected on the Minister of the Word schedule at various intervals.

Training is provided as needed.

Anyone interested in this ministry should contact Amy Wittak at

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Meeting Details: There are no meetings for this ministry. All preparation is done at home when you have time. Preparation includes reading through the material several times to ensure that you can pronounce all of the words/names in the text, and also to ensure your understanding of the text. A Minister of the Word is encouraged to read through both readings and the Gospel to get a full understanding of all 3 readings, as well as the interpretive section for each (this can be found in the Lector's Workbook provided to you at no charge). This truly deepens your understanding and helps to convey the meaning of the text.
Ministry Description: The purpose of the ministry is to participate in Mass in one of several ways: calling the congregation to worship at the beginning of Mass, reading the first or second reading, reading the Prayers of the Faithful (also known as General Intercessions) and/or the Community Announcements at the end of Mass. This Ministry provides you with a chance to deepen your understanding of scripture, become more intimately aware of what is happening in our parish community and develop a connection with fellow parishioners.
Contact Person: Amy Wittak, or 763-424-8770
A typical day in this ministry: Prepare for this ministry in advance, so that there is time to practice, study and feel comfortable with the text. If you are scheduled to read the Call To Worship, Prayers Of The Faithful or Community Announcements, you have to prepare just prior to Mass as those are not typically available ahead of time. If you are scheduled to read the 1st or 2nd reading and you've prepared at home, it's still a good idea to re-read the scripture once you arrive at mass. Arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass and sign in at the Ministry Counter so the Coordinator knows you are present. Then, find a special cross that says "Lector" on it to wear during Mass. You will participate in the processional at the beginning and end of Mass, sometimes carrying the Book of Gospels on the way in (training will be provided).
Is there more than one way to volunteer?

There are opportunities to participate as a Minister of the Word during weekend liturgies as well as special Masses throughout the year. Opportunities to sign up for special Masses are generally posted at the Ministry Counter.

The following apply to this ministry:

  • Family Friendly
  • Weekend Opportunities
  • Weeknight Opportunities
  • Flexible Schedule