Altar Servers

This ministry is open to any interested person, youth through adults, who have received First Eucharist. Altar Servers assist the Priests during liturgies and carry liturgical objects in procession. Altar Servers are scheduled once per month and are asked to volunteer for Holy Days and holidays when possible.

Training is provided as needed.

Anyone interested in this ministry should contact Amy Wittak at

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Meeting Details: There are no meetings for this ministry, other than the initial training.
Ministry Description: This is an opportunity for parishioners who have received their First Eucharist to participate in Mass. Alter Servers can be any age, including adults. The purpose of the ministry is to assist the Priest during Mass. There are different duties of an Alter Server, including holding the Priest's prayer book at the beginning and ending of the Mass while he prays with the congregation, as well as preparing the Alter for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This is not a difficult role to play and it is a fantastic way for children to become involved in the Mass. Any time you participate in one of our ministries, it deepens your understanding and connection to the Mass, and it enriches the entire experience of celebrating Mass.
Contact Person: Amy Wittak, or 763-424-8770
A typical day in this ministry: Arrive to church at least 20 minutes in advance of Mass. Sign-in at the Ministry Counter and select an Alb from the wardrobe closet. You will participate in the processional before and after Mass, and there are several duties for the Alter Servers during Mass. Generally there are 2-3 Alter Servers per Mass, so these can be shared.
Is there more than one way to volunteer?

The only way to participate in this ministry is during weekend Mass or special Masses throughout the year. Sign-up for special Masses can generally be found at the Ministry Counter

The following apply to this ministry:

  • Family Friendly
  • Weekend Opportunities
  • Weeknight Opportunities
  • Flexible Schedule
Time Committment: Arrive 20 minutes before Mass, then participate during Mass.