Welcome to San Rafael, Mexico!

Sister Parish Church

Exciting News! San Rafael Visitors July 22 - 31, 2017!

San Rafael visitors    

We have been blessed to help 3 couples from the San Rafael parish obtain their passports and visas. We have set the dates for their visit for July 22-July 31, 2017. Our visitors will be the three couples in the above photo, from left to right: Ernesto and Gloria De la Cruz, Yeseniah and Lalo De la Cruz, and Fidencio and Eva Solis. We have visited their parish and enjoyed their hospitality during five different visits to San Rafael. We look forward to sharing our great St. Gerard’s hospitality with them!

Read the bios of the 3 couples visiting from San Rafael parish!

Our Sister Parish in Mexico 

The parish of St. Gerard began a sister-parish partnership with the Parish of San Rafael in San Rafael, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in the winter of 2008. Our purpose was to build a relationship between our parishes based on our common faith, mutuality and reciprocity, hospitality and welcome, Franciscan Spirituality, and the desire to learn about one another. Since establishing this partnership, there have been several visits between the two parishes.

In February 2009 the two parishes met
and wrote a Joint Statement of Purpose: We, the parishes of San Rafael and St. Gerard, are Catholics of faith and friendship.  Lord, we give thanks for your gifts. We want to share and communicate with one another and to assist one another in making changes in life where they are needed. We want to work together with enthusiasm.

The parish of St. Gerard is set in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. The busyness of suburban lifestyle and multiple commitments creates ministry challenges. There are approximately 1,500 families who are committed Catholics that seek a better understanding of scripture and ways to grow strong in their faith.

The parish of San Rafael is in a poor area of rural Mexico, approximately 250 miles or a ten hour drive from San Antonio Texas. Over 50 small villages make up the parish which spans many miles through mountains and valleys, making travel and ministry a challenge. The people are committed Catholics that seek a better understanding of scripture and ways to grow strong in their faith.

Hermanas Franciscanas Newsletter

Read the Hermanas Franciscanas February/March Newsletter. The young women that attend the Casa Franciscana, and their parents, are our fellow parishioners from San Rafael.

If you have any questions contact Anne Tiller in the parish office  at annet@st-gerard.org or call 763-424-8770 at Ext. 120.

Sister Parish Farm Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration

Camera  A Ministry "snapshot": Sister Parish Ministry

Meeting Details: We meet 10 months of the year on the 4th Tuesday night of the month. We also serve two burrito breakfasts per year. There are other various commitments throughout the year associated with building relationships between the parishes of San Rafael and St. Gerard.
Ministry Description: Our ministry is a joint effort with the parish of San Rafael in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We recognize we are a global church called to be in solidarity. We strive to journey together in faith, mutuality and hospitality. We recognize both parties bring gifts to share at the table about our spirituality and our culture. The sister parish ministry involves times of international travel, hospitality and of sharing the journey with St. Gerard's parishioners.
Contact Person: Vicky Phillips, 763-424-3815
A typical day in this ministry:

Primarily, action in the ministry would be attending monthly meetings with opportunities to travel to San Rafael, or host our visitors from San Rafael at a meal or in sharing your home. We work alongside of the Liturgy and Outreach Commissions to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe or Posadas, the Ofrenda. The Burrito Breakfasts involve two Sunday mornings a year of volunteering time in preparing the meal, serving and cleaning up. You may also be asked to share with the parish how a visit to San Rafael impacted your faith.

Is there more than one way to volunteer?
  • Be a member of the ministry: attend monthly meetings and participate in the planning of activities.
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in San Rafael for their daily needs and for the ways our nation's choices will impact their lives.
  • Volunteer to help serve a Burrito Breakfast.
  • Volunteer to host a meal in your home when we have visitors from San Rafael.
  • Participate in the liturgy celebrations.

The following apply to this ministry:

  • Family Friendly
  • Weekend Opportunities
  • One Time
  • Flexible Schedule
Time Committment: variable