Justice & Advocacy 


"Our mission as followers of Jesus Christ is to be advocates for our brothers and sisters in need. Working in collaboration with others we will identify areas of injustice in our local community and beyond, research causes and solutions, and through a program of education and a call to action, empower our congregation to work for positive change."

Our actions as Christian members of the world community are to be guided by the seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching: Life and Dignity of the Human Person; all to Family, Community, and Participation; Rights and Responsibilities; Option for the Poor and Vulnerable; The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers; Solidarity; Care for God´s Creation. 

For an in-depth explanation of these key themes, click on the link below.

The Peace and Justice Committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month. The Committee also functions as the ISAIAH Core Team, meeting monthly with the churches that make up the Northwest Caucus of ISAIAH. We are always looking for new members and all are welcome.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of this team, or in joining us on a specific project please call Anne Tiller in the parish office at 763-424-8770, ext-120.

"All of us must examine our way of living in the light of the needs of the poor."

U.S. Catholic Bishops, Economic Justice for All.